CIEX - Where Businesses are Bought & Sold

What is CIEX?

CIEX is a Marketplace Operated by Accountancy Firms where Businesses are Bought & Sold on behalf of Clients.

This marketplace is confidential, secure and anonymous, CIEX does not require the investor or seller to be identified. The buyer or seller is represented by their accountant with no third-party involvement, secure in the knowledge that they are reaching the widest possible audience of interested parties.

Those wishing to buy, sell or invest can use the CIEX Platform to anonymously identify opportunities or list their business or investment requirements. By using the CIEX platform, members gain access to a unique marketplace with 24/7 national and international exposure to prospective buyers and sellers.

CIEX will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace to facilitate the sale of and investment in businesses by accountancy firms on behalf of their clients.

What Is CIEX


A member practice places a listing on the platform on behalf of their client. At this point the accountant is also anonymous which offers a level playing field to the Business owner or Investor.

The listing may seek to:

  1. Sell or Purchase a business

  2. Invite investment in a business

  3. Offer investment for specific or general business types

  4. CIEX plays no role in negotiations, CIEX facilitates initial contact. Ensuing negotiations take place directly between the accountants for both parties. This offers unique anonymity and confidentiality to all parties.

  5. CIEX does not charge commission – there is a listing fee and that is all.

  1. CIEX facilitates anonymous enquiries until one of the member accountants identifies themselves after which negotiations can continue offline in the traditional way.

  2. Investors and Business owners can become members free of charge and are allowed to see a summary of each available listing (those listing can avail of the facility to restrict viewing the listing to member accountants). It only takes one click to share a listing by e-mail with your member accountant who can access the full listing and discuss it with you.

  3. Because all enquiries must come through an accountancy practice, members can rely on the fact that all enquiries will have the unique benefit of being pre-screened by an industry professional thus eliminating to a large degree random enquiries.


CIEX - an anonymous confidential marketplace exclusively dedicated to facilitating the sale, purchase or investment in businesses. CIEX offers unmatched access to interested parties nationally and internationally



CIEX will never act as a Broker, Valuer or Advisor, it simply provides a secure, confidential and professional marketplace.


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