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What does CIEX do?
CIEX provides a single secure location where you can sell, buy or invest in businesses. You have international access and at the same time total confidentiality as you and your accountants identify and investigate opportunities for you to maximise the value of your business whether by sale or acquisition.

How does it work?
Using the CIEX platform your Accountancy Firm can advertise and showcase your business to interested buyers or evaluate acquisition or investment opportunities identified by either of you on CIEX. Your accountant can also use CIEX to advertise your interest in purchasing or investing in specific business types. Should you wish to raise capital through investors your accountants can advertise your requirements as well as evaluate what is already on offer for your industry type. Your accountants then establish contact with the accountants for the other party via the CIEX Platform and open discussions.

I can search CIEX for myself?
You can register and access the marketplace for free, this allows you to find opportunities based on a limited amount of information, your accountant can then access the listing and provide a fuller description of what is on offer. REGISTER

What if I want to identify my Business to the public in a Listing?
If you feel that your name or brand gives added value to your business you are allowed to identify yourself. However if you value your privacy you can remain anonymous without losing access to the Marketplace.

If I find a listing I find interesting what do I do?
You send the listing details directly to your accountants by clicking on the SHARE button on the listing, they will be able to access a more detailed listing for the business and discuss the opportunity with you. If you wish to go further they will contact the Lister via CIEX and without disclosing who you are open a discussion with the other party. At any time you can then arrange to speak directly to the other party and negotiate.

What if my accountant is not a member?
If your accountant is not a member, he can join to provide the added value service to you.

Confidentiality and Anonymity?
Total anonymity is offered as a CIEX listing does not have to contain any identification or clues to the identity of the business or individual, initial contact is accountant to accountant via CIEX’s platform and neither accountant will know who the other accountant is. The accountants can of course identify themselves at that stage but do not have to. Because of this you and your Business continue to enjoy complete confidentiality yet maximise exposure nationally and internationally. By using CIEX you have the opportunity to plan and discuss options in a non-pressurised, confidential environment with your Accountants and Advisors who know you and your business well and act only on your behalf. When you and your accountants feel that it is worthwhile to progress to full negotiations you can move into direct contact. You decide to whom and when you want your identity released so you can carry on your business as normal without interference or publicising your plans to customers, clients or the general public.

Why would I not want to publicise that my business is for sale?
Selling a business is not like selling a house or a car, businesses rely on customer loyalty, retaining contracts, keeping existing business. Winning contracts or retaining distribution rights may depend on perceived stability and any change of ownership may raise issues for suppliers or customers. CIEX offers business owners the ability to enter the market and open lines of negotiation while maintaining their confidentiality, the business may even be sold before anyone but the buyer and the seller and their advisors know it is for sale. In the same way investors can enter the market and explore their options while remaining totally anonymous until they have a shortlist of candidates. Again only the investor and the business plus their advisors need be aware of the negotiations.

Why use my accountants?
Outside of the owners of a business nobody knows more about a business and its owner’s requirements than their accountants. Accountants provide great added value service by working with their clients before they go to the market by preparing a business for sale or working on business plans and arranging finance for buyers. Now because the CIEX Platform is available Accountants can work with their clients on long term plans for growth, change of direction or retirement. In this way the value of businesses will be maximised and the business ready for presentation to interested buyers/investors. Tax and Pension planning for example can be in place prior to any sale discussions allowing the owners to have a clear sight of what an offer will actually deliver. Accountants know their clients’ needs and will be able to point out business specific issues and benefits which others might not see.

It is not just about retiring!!
Sell the business and retire is the dream, but this is not the only reason that CIEX exists. Most businesses change direction or product ranges over the years, side-lines become mainstream and vice versa. Historically lines of business were often abandoned as others took over, losing the embedded value of the business. Traditionally competitors broke up the customer book in a disorganised scramble for the abandoned business but now through CIEX the business can be packaged and sold, providing free capital for new equipment, ventures or Retirement.

Why Buy a Business?
For a buyer there is a new ready-made customer base to cross sell to and a new product/service to offer to existing customers. The cost of the purchase of the book is far less than the cost and risks of fighting for the business. Similarly some entrepreneurial business people like establishing businesses and when a new opportunity presents itself CIEX can offer the capital release mechanism to make a new start up easier and faster. Investors with different management skills can build on the existing business base while benefiting from an income from the existing business.